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To do in Paris in December

At the Petit Palais, the exhibition Oscar Wilde – the total insolence, the first event ever dedicated to the author in Paris, is displayed until January 15th. For this special occasion, over 200 pieces have been gathered to retrace the life and the master pieces of this perfect French-speaking and Francophile artist.

The Institut du Monde Arabe dedicates a superb exhibition to the the Ocean Explorers, from Sinbad to Marco Polo. A mix of history and fantasy which will take you to a journey with the masters of the seas and the great European sailors, from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. A sumptuous itinerary with sound effects, images, and optical methods. Until February 26th.


From December 2nd to 25th, the Opéra Garnier will bring you to the shores of the Tauris with Gluck’s masterpiece Iphigenia (“the first opera without love”) and her main dilemma: to kill her brother and honor the prediction of an oracle, or to interrupt the cycle of death spreading through the Atreids from generation to generation. The masterful music brings back to life Greek tragedy on an original staging by Warlikowski. Deeply touching.


This institution of the ancient Halles of Paris in now overseen by the Chef Daniel Rose: Chez La Vieille (“at the Old Woman’s”). The American Chef will delight you with a traditional French cuisine such as: veal kidney with mustard from Brive or veal stew in white sauce with basmati rice and almonds. For desert, savor a vanilla cream pot. Lovely wine menu from 30€. Count between 45€ and 70€ for a generous meal. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. 1 rue Bailleul, Paris 1st.

After Pantruche and Caillebotte, Franck Baranger and Edouard Bodin have taken over what used to be the Maison Mère. La Belle Maison is from now on offering a sea-scented menu with roasted whiting and potato millefeuille layering and for desert a Tatin tarte with double cream sauce. Count between 50€ and 70€ per person. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. 4 rue de Navarin, 9th.

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