Sophie Bonnefond, our new Pastry Chef

Since January, the sweet smell of her creations fill the kitchen of the Saint James Paris. We are very happy to present you our new pastry Chef Sophie Bonnefond.


The experience of this 29-year-old woman is already rich and full of beautiful addresses: the Hôtel du Lac at Enghiens-les-Bains, Angelina, La Closerie des Lilas and the Sofitel – Arc de Triomphe where she rose to the top and was nominated Pastry Chef. At the Saint James Paris, she loves working in partnership with our Chef Adrien Brunet who gives her freedom in her creations.


Her two grandmothers were restaurant owners and share their love of cooking with her. As a tribute to them, she confesses that one of her favorite recipes comes from one of them: a chocolate fondant cake with salted butter and fleur de sel.

Sophie is natural and spontaneous. She loves mixing the textures, placing the layers and the colors on top of each other as if it was a staging.

She does not have a “Signature” dessert. As a bon vivant, she likes everything. Fruits, chocolate… all be treated with the same care and enthusiasm. Only does she admit her penchant for adding herbs to her creations, like tarragon, mint, or teas with smoked notes.

The herb garden of the Saint James Paris will soon provide Sophie with its new crop to highlight her pastries. In the meantime, she offers delicious seasonal compositions by revisiting the traditional Black Forest gateau with a subtle alliance of Guanaja chocolate, Isigny fresh cream and Morello cherry sorbet, or by adding some black diamond to her “Thin slices of caramelized apples, tatin sorbet with the flavour of truffle”.


Her talent will also be highlighted in the guest rooms with chocolate creations to celebrate special occasions or simply to treat our youngest gourmet guests.

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