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Our Chef: Jean-Luc Rocha (Jan 2017 – Oct 2018)


Paris, Fabruary 1st, 2017 :

High gastronomy and joviality are the central rules in the kitchens of the Saint James Paris where our new Chef, Jean-Luc Rocha, has arrived.

While he acquired his art with famous Chefs like Gilles Blandin at the Vallon de Valrugues, Patrick Henriroux at La Pyramide, or Thierry Marx near Bordeaux, it is from the weekly family banquets that he got his taste for convivial moments, and from his father, a cabinetmaker, his sense for precision.

“At the Saint James, nowhere else”.

During his 14 years spent at Cordeillan Bages, this master of balance has made the Relais & Châteaux core values of sharing and generosity his own. It is now with the family of your favourite Parisian home that he has chosen to make them blossom.

Awarded with the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, M.O.F., Best Craftsman of France in 2007, this architect of flavours leaves nothing to chance. “A fifth of the dish is made of surprise, but before all it needs to remain comforting, identifiable, authentic and gourmand. I am attached to the traditions and to the products themselves. For me, a dish is a product cooked slowly of quick-sealed, and a sauce. The sauce is the most important part; it makes the dish. Then, I play with the textures: raw, cooked, a balance of flavours, bitterness and sweetness alike, spices but without excess. The harmony of the dish must be present at once. Then, I am especially careful about presentation: the plate must be elegant, beautiful even. And I always ask myself: how will the guest eat? I make a sketch to ensure that the dish is understandable.”

The Signature dishes of Jean-Luc Rocha at the Saint James Paris can be discovered separately or through a unique Tasting journey in 10 stages ending with the sweet delights of our pastry chef Mathias Alet, and enhanced by the wine-pairing imagined by our head sommelier, Elise Esnouf.

Tasting Menu

Amuse bouche


Velvety potato soup with oysters and Aquitaine caviar


Warm foie gras in a sesame and poppy crust, vegetable pickles and chestnut cream


Lobster just seared aromatic carcass stock, risotto-style vegetables


Cappuccino-style mushroom cream


Boiled filleted breast and legs of pigeon marinated in Earl Grey tea with vegetables




Grapefruit segments and mousse flavoured with Timut pepper, litchee-lime sorbet and meringue


Light mousse of chocolate Carupano, crisp pecan nut, cocoa sauce and milk ice cream



Tasting menu at 170 Euro per person. Wine-pairing at 105 Euro per person.

Reservations at +33 1 44 05 81 88 or [email protected]


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