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New Year’s Eve dinner

New Year’s Eve will be gastronomic and jazzy at the Saint James Paris! Join us to celebrate the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 in style!

Our Chef Adrien Brunet and our Pastry Chef Sophie Bonnefond have imagined a festive menu to enjoy while listening to the jazzy airs performed by a duo composed of a young pianist full of talent and a joyful and dynamic singer.



Several pieces of cocktail to share

*           *           *

Scallops marinated in yuzu, a broth flavoured with sesame and seaweed, roast macadamia nuts

*           *           *

Foie gras and quail terrine, small baba with lime and spices

*           *           *

Fillet of turbot roasted with buckwheat butter, butternut vegetable ravioli, mushrooms,

white butter sauce with French caviar

*           *           *

“Black C” poultry from Vendée and black truffle from Périgord, roasted salsify,

smoked chestnuts and tangy meat juice

*           *           *

Crunchy Ardèche chestnuts and old amber rum

*           *           *

Damien’s citrus fruit in various flavours, yoghurt sorbet and Grand cru chocolate cappuccino

*           *           *

New Year’s Eve delicacies



290€ per person (without drinks)

Wine pairing at 90€ per person


To book, contact our restaurant by phone +33 1 44 05 81 88 or by email [email protected]

A 100%-deposit will be required in advance (without drinks).

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