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Meet François Leboulanger, our new Head Sommelier! 

Thanks to his passion, his intuition and his experience, he selects fine bottles to sublime the creations of our Chef, Jean-Luc Rocha, M.O.F.

A born Epicurean, François has early chosen the gastronomic delights and joined hospitality school at 18.

In between his apprenticeship of the various positions in bars and restaurants, he readily admits that he could have become a cook, but as he liked meeting people and be in contact with customers he chose wine waiting.

It is at La Tour d’Argent that François started on a high note the carrier that lead him for a decade from Deauville to La Baule, Courchevel, Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo.

Well established as the Head Sommelier of the group Les Airelles, François chose to make other experiences and discover new sides of his job.

Between seasons il did not hesitate to fly to New Zealand or Australia to work in the vineyards and enhance his knowledge of the wines from the New World.

Back in France, he took part to the harvest and certain parts of the vinification process of the prestigious Angélus domain, a fascinating experience!

Year after year, his love for the complex beauty of the wines flourished thanks to his encounters with passionate wine-makers who are true architects of the soil.

His biggest prides? Be worth of the trust from the repeat customers, anticipate their taste as precisely as possible and give them as many small attentions.

His best memory? The savoring of a 1982 Château Margaux.

At the Saint James Paris, he prepares a selection of great vintages, to taste by the glass, in the library-bar or the gastronomic restaurant. Gevrey Chambertin, Meursault and Château Yquem are as many references he would like to make available to our guests.

His own tastebuds are particularly fond of aromas that are fresh, candied, with vanilla or roasted, like the Burgundy wines, his favorite.

For a fleeting pleasure or to make an unforgettable souvenir, François will thrill your palate. In the meantime, he kindly watches over the lovely bottles of the Saint James Paris before opening them for you.

The restaurant of the Saint James Paris is open to the public Mondays to Saturdays from 7:30pm to 9:45pm and on Sundays for brunch (noon to 4:00pm).

Breakfast and lunch daily restricted to members of the Saint James Club and hotel guests only.

Reservations : +33 (0)1 44 05 81 88, [email protected] or en ligne.


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