Meet Andy the Gardener

Arrived a few months ago with shovel and spade, Andy opted for the Saint James Paris after working at the Jardin des Plantes and the reserves of the Grain Conservatorium at the Museum of Natural History of Paris. He was instantly taken by this unique hidden garden in the heart of Paris to fully express his true passion.

Once a talented designer and stylist in jewellry and high jewellry, he is fascinated by the the relation to the earth and especially by the contrast between the harshness of the work and the delicacy of the plantations.

“Nature already does half of the job, the rest is only embellishment” as he likes to explain.
But a garden is more than an aesthetical project and Andy has plans to make our garden a central piece in the Saint James Paris experience.
Together with our Chef and Pastry Chef, he has already imagined planting new species of flowers and ancient plants, berries and small fruits that you will discover in your dishes.

The green waste of the kitchen is used as a natural fertilizer to ensure a long and healthy life to the vegetable garden in which you will find verbena, sage, thyme, blackcurrant, melissa, chives, taragon, savory, aniseed hyssop or Moroccan mint.

Until the maturation of the strawberries and further delicacies Andy is planning to ravish you, you can already taste our verbena production, comfortably seated in the library-bar.

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