First hotel to be ISO 50001-certified!

We are very happy to inform you that the Saint James Paris is the first hotel in France to be ISO 50001 certified for the control and the reduction of its energy use.


Even if renovated several times, our beautiful home is a big energy consumer! In 2016, we decided to have a more efficient and economical energetic policy and to limit our carbon footprint. More concretely, we have identified the potential sources of economy (hot water, electricity and heating) and elaborated a strategy in order to reduce our energetic consumption. Our goal in 2019: -12%. Being ISO 50001-certified, we will now be able to put a new system in place to manage energy in the most operational and sustainable way. Condenser batteries to retrieve reactive energy, renovation of roof windows, manual thermic regulation, automated system to regulate heating, recovery of grey waters… Other ideas have already already been evoked until 2021.

Internally, we are all invested in order to keep improving our energy use. An audit will take place every year in order to check the efficiency of our energetic policy.

We are all very proud of this commitment for the protection of our planet and hope to be an example for many other hotels in France !

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