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Anthony Chenoz, our new Pastry Chef

New sweet scents flow away from the kitchen of the Saint James Paris with the arrival of the new Pastry Chef, Anthony Chenoz.


At only 24, his career is punctuated by experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants and with M.O.F. Chefs. Stéphane Oger (MOF ice-cream maker) and Dominique Sabatier, Pierre Mirgalet (MOF chocolate maker), Michel Bras, Yoann Hasselbein, and Jean-Luc Rocha, met at Cordeillan-Bages.
His beautiful creations reflect the rigor of all his mentors: they are structured but ethereal.


His duet with Jean-Luc Rocha, whose exemplarity guides him every day, continues now at the Saint James Paris. They know each other well and will keep creating new gastronomic partitions.


Even if his “Madeleine de Proust” remains the rice pudding of his grandmother, he is passionate by chocolate and citrus fruits. His signature creation at the Saint James Paris: Crisp dessert with sesame, crystallized lemon and cream, lemon Limoncello granita, green shiso sorbet. To be enjoyed from Monday to Saturday from 7.30 pm.




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